The future in hayfever management with the Qu-chi hay fever band

The Guardian newspaper recently did an article about The future in hayfever management using wearable devices from around the world featuring the Qu-chi hayfever band.

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Here is the full article

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Specialist Andrew Broch helps boost performance by overcoming allergy & hayfever issues with acupuncture in this months Cycling Plus magazine

An article I wrote for Cycling-Plus magazine this month on boosting performance by overcoming allergies. If you would like a Qu-chi hayfever band they are available at Amazon


Hayfever sucks! Qu-chi acupressure bands in today’s new! Magazine

Thanks for mentioning the Qu-chi acupressure band Lauren in your column In New! Magazine.


Qu-chi hayfever bands in today’s golfer magazine

i am delighted that your staff writer loved their Qu-chi acupressure band. 

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Qu-chi hayfever band in The Yorkshire evening post

Leeds acupuncturist puts the squeeze on hayfever

Monday 20 June 2016


Hayfever blights the lives of millions of people every spring and summer.

One in five of the UK population are affected by an allergy to pollen – usually grass pollen – which causes symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes
But a Leeds acupuncturist has invented a device which is designed to alleviate the problem, and it has now become a top seller online.

Andrew Broch, of the Leeds Acupuncture Clinic in Roundhay, has devised the Qu-Chi acupressure band, a natural and drug-free product that acupuncturists believe help with the symptoms of hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

He was inspired as he suffers himself and wanted to treat it using the principles of acupuncture. The band works by applying pressure to The LI-11 point on the arm, an acupuncture point.

The product has become a top-seller on Amazon, with users reporting it has helped them.

Hayfever sufferer Caroline Bryant said: “I generally find acupuncture amazing and have now tried the Qu-Chi Band to alleviate my hayfever and allergic rhinitis symptoms.

“I have found this to be of great benefit with the added bonus of helping me to get a brilliant night’s sleep.”
Mr Broch advises it should be worn before symptoms start, but can be put on when hayfever first starts to kick in too. The band can also be used when taking other medication.

The band can be worn on either arm, with users just having to bend their arm and locate the Qu-Chi point, then pulling on the band so that the straps are either side of the elbow bone and the acupressure marble is on the correct point.

available at or for America

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My Qu-chi hayfever band is number 1 bestseller on Amazon for the 4th year!


I am delighted that for the 4th year my Qu-chi acupressure band is the number 1 best selling allergy product on




Put your hayfever under pressure this summer with the original Qu-chi band. The natural choice for hayfever relief


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