TESTIMONIALS – Qu-Chi Hayfever band® review

Qu-Chi Hay fever Band® Reviews

I am overwhelmed by all your emails, messages, testimonials and reviews of the Qu-Chi Hayfever Band®

All these testimonials have been written/sent to me from members of the public, they have not been amended, they include their names to prove authenticity. I am not posting them to show efficacy of my product I am just sharing people’s opinions of my invention.


This little band is amazing my son as suffered for years and was taking sometimes taking up to eight tablets a day, received this on saturday and hasnt taken one since worth every penny xxx Shelley Williams

I do not usually take the time to write reviews but this product is so fantastic that I have to share the news. I have suffered with hayfever all my life and every year I start to dose myself up with prescription tablets and nasal sprays from February/March in the hope that I will not suffer too badly during the pollen season. Even with medication I could not stay outside for too long, had to keep windows shut etc. I heard about the band through a car salesman who could see me suffering when I went to buy a car. He had a customer that swore by it. I was skeptical but after reading the raving reviews I gave it a try. It is the best thing ever! I have had it on for a week now with no meds. No sneezing, no wheezing, slightly irritated eyes at night but that’s it. Why did no one tell me about this?!!  Natasha Kamalu

I 1st saw this item on a client of mine and I asked him what it was for. He said that it helps my hay fever by applying pressure to a pressure point in my elbow. He said it really has helped with his hay fever. I was less than convinced, although I have tried many different remedies for my hay fever, both pharmaceutical and homeopathic yet neither have offered genuine relief. So I bought the acupressure band as I was in the middle of my hayfever season. My symptoms are quite typical of hayfever sufferer, runny nose, sneezing, blocked sinuses and hives. All of the symptoms to cause me considerable distress so I was willing to take a chance. When the acupressure band arrived I applied it straightaway and kept it on overnight because I had been having trouble sleeping due to blocked sinus. I have a very good night sleep, my sinuses were clear. I wore this for the remainder of my hayfever season and I think I can safely say I only sneezed once or twice a day with none of my other symptoms. I don’t know how this works and to be honest I don’t need to know how this works, I just know, for me, it works.  Havers4dogs

I’ve always been sceptical of acupressure/acupuncture related treatments, but my hay fever was so bad that I was willing to try anything for even just a little relief. Hay fever tablets and staying indoors as much as possible with the air purifier on still left me suffering. Long story short, this Qu-Chi band worked amazingly!! You don’t notice it working, you just realise after a while that you aren’t suffering any symptoms any more. I was able to start going out and doing the gardening etc. It was so good, I decided to try other forms of alternative medicine and started a course of homeopathy (from allergy.co.uk). While doing that, I stopped taking my hay fever tablets which would have been impossible if not for the band. This band isn’t expensive and if you are suffering and willing to take a small chance, try this band and see how it goes. You don’t need to believe that it’ll work for it to help. Mine was a bit loose fitting by the end of the summer so it will probably be necessary to buy a new one every year, but it’s still brilliant!  M. W. Legon

I’ve suffered from severe hayfever for as long as I can remember. Summer is always ruined by the usual symptoms of sore itchy eyes, itchy runny nose, tickly throat etc. I’ve always taken talbets, nasal spray and eye drops – all at the same time, and still suffered from sever symptoms.

I bought the Qu-chi band last year. I used it a few times, but always at the same time as taking loratadine. This year is the first time that I’ve used it on it’s own. Whilst wearing it I have no symptoms whatsoever. I’ve been skeptical about it, not quite sure if it’s working or if the pollen count is low. I’ve taken it off at times and within 5 or 10 minutes I start with a running nose and I can feel my eyes starting to get itchy. After putting it back on they disappear pretty quickly.

I bought the qu-chi band thinking that it was worth wasting the money, just in case it worked. It was the best £8 or £9 I’ve ever spent and I would recommend it to anyone.  BueBlazer

absolutely amazing!!!An expensive item but worth every penny, since using it my quality of life has improved…I can breath again without taking pills. wearing it becomes a conversational piece and i cant stop recommending it. Once again expensive but worth it.  Humberto Marques-Figueiredo

I bought this for my daughter who suffers very badly with hayfever, eyes very itchy and streaming, cannot wear any eye make up during her attacks and sneezes constantly. After wearing this arm band had instant results eyes stopped itching had a great night sleep, took her make up to work as was still sceptical… no need to be, has been wearing her band and eye make up ever since, this band is amazing do not hesitate in buying, it stops hayfever simptons immeadiately and is worth every penny no need for any other medication Excellent!!  Jo

I have recommended this to so many people and it is brilliant, stopped my hay fever and I only have to take a tablet when I go out somewhere nice and don’t want to wear the band!  Helen

I have bought the Qu chi but did not think it would work,how on earth could it work?I have been a heyfever sufferer from the age of 6 now 36.Have been taking nose sprays,double doses of antihistamines,decongestants everything possible,nothing worked as well as this band ,it is a blessing.I am so glad I gave it a go.I still take my antihistamines though but my nose does not run as much as it use to and instead of packets and packets of hankies I only use one or two hankies.The simplicity of acupressure is simply wonderfull.It worked more or less straight after I have put it on.It fits and average size arm,my colleague at work tried it on but due to him being quite large it did not fit.The only downside is that people keep on asking how I have injured my elbow etc,but I just explain to them what it is.I love this band,wish it would have been widely advertised and I could have bought it years earlier and not have to suffer so badly with heyfever.  Ana (Uk)

I bought this for my husband last year as I can’t stand seeing him suffer with red eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat all summer. He was deeply sceptical, but humoured me and put it on before embarking on cutting the grass on a very warm day. Not an itch or runny nose to be seen. He took it off at teatime while we had bbq thinking it must have been lower pollen than he thought only to start rubbing his eyes 10 mins later. He put it back on and it stopped. I’m buying another one for him this year cos he’s worn the other one out. Better to wrap something round your arm than put drugs into your body. Macaroon7 “Macaroon”

This was for a vey good friend who has suffered with hayfever for years. Although she still has a few sneezes, it isn’t waking her up at night any more, she can have her doors and windows open when its hot and her eyes no longer stream all day long.
It was recommended from a friend of a friend.
I have told loads of ther friends.
A FAB item.
Thank you Jess Steel

Brilliant well worth the money just wish I knew about it years ago. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers really bad from hayfever. Lynda Martin

This product is superb! it works fantastically well. needs a few tweaks to find the right spot in your elbow and if your nasal lining is inflammed it can take a while to calm down again. The key thing is to use it when you feel the first itchiness and it dispells straight away. It is comfortable to wear and after a while you don’t even notice it. From someone who has suffered from hayfever for the last 30+ years I cannot recommend this highly enough. I see some reviewers haven’t had favourable results but even if it doesn’t work for you it is worth a punt for a few pounds. If it does it work for you there is nothing like it. I haven’t bought any hayfever drugs for two years!! Alasdair Mackerron “Ali”

I don’t usually write reviews, but I’m very pleased with it. I have suffered from hayfever for years, every year I have to try a new pill, because last years medicine stopped working again!
There’s no harm in trying something new.
I bought this with the attitude, it won’t hurt, there’s no harm in trying it.
It is a little tricky to get the positioning right, 10mm out won’t work, but you soon get to know if it’s right, mainly because within a minute or two, my nose stops running and my eyes stop itching! It’s faster than an antihistamine!
I like it so much, I’ve just bought 2 more, just in case they stop selling them!
Also halfway through the summer, the elastic is just starting to lose threads, it won’t last more than one summer for me. But I’m impressed, it’s the only thing that I’ve ever used that allows me to walk down a country lane, with trees in flower, tall cow parsley and grasses everywhere, no sun glasses in the middle of the summer.  Mrs V F Gwillim

I’ve been a hayfever sufferer since the age of 8 and well remember those horrible childhood days of itching eyes, constantly running nose and sneezing that made me head for a darkened room on lovely summer days. To make matters worse cricket is my passion and trying to play whilst being in such a debilitated state was impossible! Whilst the symptoms have eased a little in adult life there are still many weeks in summer where going outside can be horrendous. Not any more!Through having Acupuncture at the Leeds Acupuncture Clinic, I got to hear about the Qu Chi band and was keen to try it as I’d given up on antihistamines many years ago. I know people sometimes make outrageous claims about products but this little band borders on the magical!! I have now had it for a month and I have been completely symptom free. This has allowed me to go for summer walks in woods and fields and also play cricket with no ill effects.

Unsurprisingly I have been keen to spread the word to fellow hayfever sufferers and those who ask what’s that on your arm? and inevitably they know somebody who has hayfever which has meant I have had 15 requests for bands in the past 3 weeks! If you have hayfever or know someone who has all I would say is tell them to try it ASAP! Thanks Andrew, brilliant invention!

Greg O’Sullivan, Leeds, England

I purchased 2 bands in November 2009 for my then 11 year old son who has suffered from chronic allergies to all grasses and flowering weeds since he was an infant. We have tried all the recommended medicines and he still suffers with chronic eye irritation, headaches, nose bleeds and tiredness from the medicines, even taking these he was regularly sent home from school. We live in Australia in the hills areas which is mainly open fields and properties full of native trees and weeds. I stumbled on the Acupressure band from the internet desperate to find an alternative for my sons relieve that did put him into a state of stupor as he is now into the serious part of his schooling years.Since wearing your bands he has not had the need for medication, his nose bleeds have settled and he is able to play tennis without suffering for the next two days. I can not speak highly enough and have put our friends onto the bands and am now purchasing more for my older son who also suffers as I do but fortunately not to the extent of the youngest member of the family. I am amazed at the difference the Qu-Chi bands have made for my son.

P.S. You now have pink ones which is great at least I wont have to worry about my boys borrowing mine!

Lorraine, Macclesfield, Australia

After seeing your request for testers for the child-size Qu-Chi Band I requested one of these for my son who suffers from hayfever and chronic allergic rhinitis, constant stuffed up nose etc. He sleeps fitfully, is a nightmare in the mornings and cannot concentrate for any length of time. It is a critical time for him a the moment as he has gone from being a snotty, bunged up child who has trouble concentrating to a snotty bunged up child who needs to take entrance exams in the autumn so his educational future is very much at stake. We are waiting for some allergy testing to be booked. When the band arrived I dismissed it to be honest but my son spotted it, asked what it was and put it on. Again, being totally honest I said not to bother because it didn’t look to be any use but he blasted through his maths homework with a focus I have never seen before, has done the same tonight with another assignment, delights in showing me how easily he can breathe and came into my room this morning with a very uncharacteristic spring in his step saying he had slept well. I am still a little sceptical and slightly in shock at the changes in my son but if it is down to this little band then long may it continue and I think I may order more so that he can never be without it. If the improvement continues we may be looking at a very happy contented boy who will finally reach his potential at school. I can’t believe it is true but so far the signs are that this little band is nothing short of a miracle. Kate Baldry on behalf of Alexander age 10

My 5 year old son underwent allergy testing in March, and he was found to be highly allergic to grasses. Last year he really struggled with hayfever, and I have decided to try everything that I can to help him through this summer. We are thrilled with the results of using the band, my son had no trouble wearing it, and it has become an integral part of getting dressed, thank you!!!  Joy Agno

Many thanks for a brilliant product. Rose, on behalf of son, age 10

I admit that I didn’t really expect this to work. I always assume that the alternative medicine options only work on people that truly believe in them, like a placebo effect, so I was cynical to say the least. But within half an hour of trying it out, the kids were running up to me to say that their eyes had stopped hurting and their nose wasn’t blocked up any more. They’re not particularly pretty – if they wear them all through the summer they’ll have a strange suntan!! – but that’s a strong price to pay if they alleviate the symptoms of hayfever. And despite my reservations, I have to admit that that really does seem to be the case. P, France

My neighbour Andrew, suffers from the most debilitating hayfever and unfortunately works in a garden centre. As he has special needs, gardening is the only occupation he has ever had. I gave him your Qu-Chi acupressure band and within 24 hours his sneezing had almost stopped. He called me into the garden to thank me. It was very emotional, and I was surprised and relieved that it had worked so well. His whole family came out to thank me and so I am passing their thanks on to you. Y our product has completely changed his life. Thanks once again. Alison Hughes, Leeds

Being a bit of a sceptic I never take much heed of testimonials, it is therefore an indication of the strength of my own beliefs in this product that I am ‘committing to paper’ my experiences with this product. After 30 years of extreme suffering, I started using the Qu-Chi band last summer. I haven’t looked back. It has transformed my life (& my wallet!). The pounds are no longer lining the pockets of the big pharmaceuticals!I have always mounted my bike with a sense of trepidation because I knew that even if I did manage to get into the shower within 15 minutes of arriving home I would inevitably look like I had taken a few rounds with Mike Tyson by the end of the day, not to mention the mucus flowing down my chin & the raging sore throat. Then it would take me days to recover to ‘ground zero’ again. Just in time for the next bike ride! And all of that was while taking the cocktail of drugs from my friendly GP.

Historically I have had to take my annual cycling holiday in September, when it is safe to expose myself to 4 days of pollen free air (but wet & cold) this year we are heading off to Scotland at the beginning of July. What does that say for Qu-Chi?

For 8 or 10 years I have been prescribed an inhaler during the summer as well as all the hay fever drugs because my inflammatory response has been so bad. I hate lining up the meds each day…..pills, eye drops, nasal spray AND inhalers. What a junkie! I haven’t even been to the Dr to renew my prescriptions this year. Before you suggest otherwise….it may well be purely a coincidence, age can affect us, so can diet BUT I have the word of my 17 year old son too. He swears by the band. He can now play football all summer without a worry & has even started cycling with me, previously that was an inconceivable idea for him. I even gave my friendly joiner a spare band while he was working at my house last summer because he was hugely inflamed. He texted me 2 days later to say that he couldn’t believe the improvement.

I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I think the designer should be knighted. I would gladly pay £300 for such a transformation.

Thank you for giving me a life!

Gill Payne

I found the Qu-chi band to be a fantastic way of keeping my hayfever at bay. I am now able to play a round of golf without having to suffer the drowsiness that taking an antihistamine causes. I also find that wearing the band overnight has allowed me to get a great night’s sleep without being woken up sneezing. All in all, highly recommended. Martin Lever, Manchester

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how Adam my 15 year son who is a chronic hayfever suffer has greatly benefited from your ‘pea in a band’ – he has not had to take any medication since wearing it – which is brilliant. Gill Sykes

I generally find acupuncture amazing and have now tried the Qu-Chi Band to alleviate my hayfever and allergic rhinitis symptoms. I have found this to be of great benefit with the added bonus of helping me to get a brilliant night’s sleep. Caroline Bryant, Quality Assurance Manager

Fantastic! I have recommended to loads of people – many noticed me wearing my band and asked me for your website address! My allergies have disappeared. I suffered hayfever and dust allergies since I was 3… I’m 44 now and so grateful to your product! Hilary Cox

As soon as a particular plant is in the hedgerow, I have typical allergy reactions, namely, runny nose, sore eyes, sneezing and a feeling like a tight band around my head. When I put on the Qu-Chi band, my symptoms were alleviated immediately. Honor Franks, Retired Schoolmistress

When I first felt the benefits of wearing the band, it was rather surreal. being around other sufferers and not feeling the dreadful symptoms that I regularly suffered. When it was time to send the band back after the clinical trial, well I didn’t want to. Jason Palmar, 36 Company Director, London, UK

I have suffered severe hayfever for many years – causing me to be in bed for days and terrible nose bleeds. I ordered one of your bands and wore it for the first time today. This morning before I put it on I was having sneezing fits and I had a nose bleed – since I put it on – nothing!!! Now I am a bit sniffy but nothing else. I cant tell you what this means – its life changing for me so I thank you for it. Miriam Chinnick

I just wanted to say thank you for the Qu-Chi acupressure armband you sent back with my grandma and granddad. I have had trouble with my sinuses for 5 years now. I have seen Dr’s at the hospital, I have had allergy tests, lots of steroid nose sprays and even had to flush my sinuses out 3 times a day but nothing has worked. I wore the armband for 1 day and noticed a big difference. I wear it all the time now. T Garnett age 15

I just wanted to let you know that the arm band really does work, it has made a big difference to him and it was really getting to him. The next step according to the consultant was a 6 month course of antibiotics which we were really opposed to. The band came along at the right time for us as we were running out of options. It really does work. Deb Garnett (Mum)

I have been very pleased with my band, I took it off last week, overnight, then forgot to put it on in the morning, got to the gym and could hardly do anything, I was so tired, then realised why, eventually my eyes started itching, so when I got home I put it back on, and symptoms disappeared, fantastic!! Sally Ann, Leeds

Got one for my mom – love it!!! No more symptoms! This band is total genius.Tamara Moubazbaz, Toronto

As for your armband – it’s remarkable. The week you sent it, the weather went really bad (or is that good for hayfever sufferers?), so I couldn’t tell if it worked or not. However, during the heatwave of the last few days, I’ve actually managed to have windows open for the first time ever, without being too ill. Bryan Manley

Within 15-20 minutes of putting the band on my breathing would improve considerably, rather like the difference between breathing over sandpaper compared with breathing over silk and my bronchial tubes did not feel as tight. The other effects were that it eased the catarrh that i have suffered for years and my eyes not as sore.I’m a very light sleeper, maybe only getting 4-5 hours sleep a night. I would wake up at least twice, sometimes I would wake up choking, with really bad catarrh and a dry mouth, obviously I am breathing through my mouth- and snoring – so I am told.

For the past two weeks I decided to wear the band all night, I certainly was not prepared for the results. as usual I have gone to bed at the usual time and have slept soundly until 7 – no walking the house, no toilet visits, no twitchy legs, no choking, no dry mouth! even a thunderstorm didn’t wake me!

You have no idea how well it has made me feel, even the lines on my face have lessened. Thank you.

Marjorie Burkinshaw, Pontefract

The band is amazing! Thank you so much – very odd but as you say really does work! Janine Skidmore, Crawley

I bought this for my son, Matt. He suffers quite badly with hayfever; especially in his cricket season. 2 months down the line; it is working well; In fact it is working very, very well. Just ordered 2 for his mates to use. I don’t believe this will work for everyone, but it is worth a try. Very happy with it. Mr. T. J. Hewitt

I suffered terribly with hayfever for years and nothing but prescription medication from the doctor helped which was costing me a fortune! Thought I’d try the qu-chi band and was amazed it not only kept the hayfever under control it helped with my asthma which plays up during the hayfever season. I’m so pleased to find a solution that doesn’t involve spending lots of money and messing about with tablets everyday. Claire Ell, Brixham

Works brilliant my son used to lay on the settee and sleep for hours but now he goes and plays football no worries – he has had one hayfever tablet in about six weeks.

Please feel free to add your own review!

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